Imagine a place where rare plants and species thrive. Where the land is so rich it produces the most diverse range of crops in Canada. A place where naturalists flock to witness the impressive migration of birds and butterflies. A community where comfortable living is at its best. A place where breathtaking sunsets, secluded beaches, after supper sails and friendly faces are a way of life. Imagine Leamington.

Leamington, a beautiful community of 28,403 (2011 Census), is located 45 minutes from the Windsor/Detroit international border, and within a one-day's drive of over 125 million people; almost half of North America's population. This unique community offers a thriving and modern urban environment surrounded by greenhouses and traditional agricultural crops, as well as enterprises associated with the automotive and manufacturing economies of the Region. Visit our Data Centre to find detailed summaries of community specific information.

Agri-Business and the Greenhouse Industry

The area's rapidly growing greenhouse industry represents $1 billion in farm gate value. Over 60% of Ontario's greenhouses can be found in the Leamington/Kingsville area. In fact, the area's greenhouse acreage is larger than the entire U.S. greenhouse industry combined, making it home to the largest concentration of greenhouses in North America with nearly 2000 acres “under cover”. The majority of crops grown are destined for markets in the United States. Principal crops include tomatoes, seedless cucumbers and peppers. Floriculture, including potted plants, bedding plants and roses is also an important part of Leamington's greenhouse economy.

Known as the "Tomato Capital of Canada", Leamington's fertile soils sustain a variety of agricultural crops for fresh markets and processing.   A supportive business environment has influenced the establishment of numerous industries related to Leamington’s fast growing and profitable agri-business and greenhouse sector.


Point Pelee National Park is at Leamington’s doorstep, and represents a fine example of unique flora and fauna not found elsewhere in Canada. Pelee Island is a short ferry ride away, and makes for a wonderful escape on a summer afternoon. The Leamington area attracts an impressive migration of birds and butterflies, drawing the attention of naturalists from around the world. The countryside is home to some of North American's most popular birding locations including Point Pelee National Park, Hillman Marsh, Kopegaron Woods and near-by Pelee Island. As the northern border of the Carolinian forest, the area supports over 700 plant species. The redevelopment of Seacliff Park and the Leamington Municipal Marina has made the lakefront a popular destination, and an expanding trail network allows scenic assess to quiet landscapes.  You'll find great shopping everywhere in Leamington, whether it's the personal appeal and uniqueness of the uptown, or the convenience of national chains, department stores and food franchises. Great products, friendly service and terrific value are Leamington's merchants' philosophy. Experience everything Leamington has to offer -- www.onthe42.com.