The Windsor-Essex region is home to approximately 390,000 residents and has a peak electricity demand of approximately 900 MW. The region’s local distribution companies (LDCs) include:

EnWin Utilities Ltd.

  • Serves the City of Windsor
  • Provides electricity to more than 83,000 customers
  • The network includes 467 km (290 mi.) of underground cable and 709 km (440 mi.) of overhead lines
  • The cables pass through 8,122 distribution transformers as well as various sub and transformer stations

E.L.K.Energy Inc.

  • Serves the towns of Essex, Harrow, Belle River, Comber, Kingsville and Cottam
  • Responsible for ensuring that electricity reaches the homes and businesses in the areas they serve

Essex Powerlines Corporation

  • Serves more than 28,000 customers in the towns of Amherstburg, LaSalle, Leamington (municipality) and Tecumseh
  • Supplies electrical energy to residential, commercial and industrial customers

Hydro One Networks Inc.

  • Serves customers in the rural areas of Essex County
  • The largest electricity transmission and distribution company in Ontario, with $22.6 billion in total assets
  • Distribute electricity though a 121,000-circuit km (75,186 mi.) low-voltage distribution system, serving Ontario's rural areas and municipalities
In the Province of Ontario, the Baseload Demand (steady demand for electricity) is approximately 11,000 to 15,000 megawatts depending on the time of year. Ontario uses nuclear and large hydroelectric stations to meet most of its Baseload Demand – these types of generating stations can produce electricity at a constant and reliable rate.
In Ontario, electricity rates are set by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). These include the rates for the electricity commodity as generated, transmission through high voltage systems (e.g. Hydro One), and distribution through local systems (e.g. EnWin). The OEB is responsible for ensuring that all rates are "justified and reasonable". 


A bountiful water supply is a distinct characteristic in the Province of Ontario. The Great Lakes’ shoreline is 3,800 km (2,361 mi.) long. Ontario's share of the Great Lakes, the largest fresh water body in the world, amounts to 85,470 square km (33,000 sq. mi.). The Windsor-Essex share of the shoreline amounts to 168 km (105 mi.).
The Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC) provides top-of-the-line filtration and treatment to water taken from the Detroit River through the A.H. Weeks Water Treatment Facility. This treatment plant, along with three pumping stations and two reservoirs, serves approximately 250,000 people in the City of Windsor, the Town of LaSalle and the Town of Tecumseh.
The WUC was the first utility in Ontario, and among the leading-edge utilities in North America, to offer ozone as a treatment process. The $4.7 million investment in this process has heightened the purity and safety of Windsor and neighbouring municipalities' water, which already undergoes the most technologically advanced treatments, to an even higher standard.
WUC Water Distribution System

Natural Gas

Union Gas Limited supplies natural gas through an underground plant of 3,920 km (2,450 mi.) of distribution pipeline to over 135,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers. To provide its customers with a full range of services, Union Gas has expanded its line of business to include: gas sales, gas distribution, service of gas equipment, merchandising of equipment, financing, energy consulting for commercial/industrial customers and natural gas for vehicles.
  • Union Gas has a strong commitment to the protection of the environment and to the education of its customers on environmental issues and wise use of energy. 
  • Union Gas places a high priority on consumer education, environmental stewardship and community involvement. Energy efficiency clinics and information sessions are offered throughout the heating season to help customers use natural gas wisely. 
  • In addition to energy delivery services, Union Gas offers natural gas storage and transportation services to other utilities and energy market participants in Ontario, Quebec and the United States.
To help its customers and extend market potential, Union Gas has been successful in helping several enterprises in Windsor-Essex develop cogeneration technology and is committed to supporting research and development of new gas burning technologies in the future.