Windsor Skyline


Windsor today is the largest border city in Canada, with a population of 210,891 (2011 Census). Include the surrounding communities and the cities within 45 minutes of Windsor in Essex County, and the population jumps to almost 400,000 (including Windsor and all municipalities in Essex County). Windsor's road network is such that you are generally only 30 minutes from anywhere within the City. Read through the historic account below to discover more about how the City of Windsor came to be.

Windsor, OntarioNestled along the banks of the historic Detroit River in the heart of the Great Lakes. Windsor has a rich history and a bright future. The City is known for their multicultural diversity and a healthy environment where citizens share a strong sense of belonging and a collective pride of place. Windsor's great quality of life is reflected in their safe neighborhoods, vibrant cultural districts, formal gardens and walking and cycling trails, and unprecedented access to exceptional health care and education.

Windsor, OntarioWindsor is a city on the water - with Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River, and Lake Erie offering scenic views and opportunities for sport anglers, sailors and power boaters. Windsor is a city of opportunity with a low cost of living. Few Canadian cities, if any, can make a high-standard of living as affordable as they do in Windsor. The arts thrive throughout Windsor at a number of galleries both large and small, all evidence of a strong artistic community. Top-notch theatre and concert events are offered all year round from the University of Windsor's dramatic arts program showcasing their talents to the award-winning Windsor Symphony Orchestra, and the star-studded performances at Caesars Windsor Coliseum.

As Canada's gateway to the NAFTA Trade Corridor, Windsor provides unparalleled exposure and easy access to major air, rail and highway links on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border. This makes this city significantly desirable for commercial access to Canadian and North American markets.

"Windsor has many advantages and the province's new Green Energy Act and feed-in tariff program has made this a very attractive area in which to do business," said OYA Solar Inc. managing partner Manish Nayar. "We also believe we can source all of the components we need for our systems from the local supply chain. Everything we need is right here."

Windsor is an international city with great economic prospects and a highly skilled workforce that is eager to work. They have top educational institutions and hospitals, and a breathtaking waterfront as the centerpiece of their park system.